Retirement Living


Our retirement village residents have the best model of support, we have a range of options to ensure you stay in your own home but with the comfort of support through our innovative services.

We provide fee for services with our staff that can visit you in your own home or unit in our retirement village for services such as, cleaning, nursing care, reminder to take your medications, shopping, meals delivered to your door. If you just need a check or you can come join our facilities such as the wellness centre, gym and pool or join in on our social calendar. Bus trips to Eastlands and local grocery service.

Our fee for service options are tailored to your needs, such as cleaning, gardening or care services to keep you active and strong. We are right on site to assist you with all your needs.

Residential Aged Care

Residents say this isn’t aged care, this is our home. The rooms are our houses, the hallways are our streets, the communal areas are our neighbourhood. QVCare is a community.

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Residential Aged Care Respite

QVCare has three designated types of services for short-term care which are allocated according to need through the Australian Government’s centralised allocation system

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Wellness and Reablement

Our Wellness and Reablement Program continued to promote healthy ageing. Here at Queen Victoira Care we have desgined a contemporary, best practice Wellness and Lifestyle Program that enables residents to be supported to continue to lead lives of meaning, independence and purpose.

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Palliative Care

This booklet is intended as a guide for families and friends. It is not exhaustive, but it is hoped that the information will help families to understand and assist with the care of their loved ones, especially when they are dying.

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