Facility Update 19th July 2022

We would like to update you on the current COVID - 19 situation.

Dear Residents, Families and Independent Living Unit Residents

Today, July 19th 2022, we have been informed one of our residents has tested positive to COVID - 19. This resident resides on Peter Top West and has been in isolation since symptoms became evident yesterday morning.

This means that Peter Top West has been classified as an exposure site and other residents residing in this area are classified as close contacts.

We are waiting direction from public health in regards to testing of Peter Top West residents and will notify their representatives when we have this information.

Further to the above, over the last 7 days we have had 4 staff and 1 visitor test positive to COVID and have been at Queen Victoria Care within the incubation period.

As per the public health, 5 or more staff, visitor, or resident cases in 7 days has placed Queen Victoria Care into outbreak.

To ensure that we contain this outbreak, and minimise the impact on the resident's lives, we have set up the following:

• All staff working in Peter Top West will be wearing full PPE

• Residents in Peter Top West can continue to be visited by a nominated visitor during the outbreak period. The nominated visitor is automatically the resident's NOK unless specified otherwise by family or resident.

• Nominated visits can be booked by contacting reception on 62433100 or emailing

• Residents in Peter Top West will be encouraged to remain in their area until further notice.

• Extra cleaning will occur in Peter Top West.

• Extra staff have been allocated to Peter Top West.

Peter Top West residents deemed as close contacts are able to leave the facility with the following guidelines. If you would like to take your loved ones out, please let reception know so that staff are able to be organised.

• If the resident returns a negative RA test on the day of going out and must wear a mask whilst out of the facility.

The remainder of the Facility will remain open to visits and outings as per normal procedure with a booking and negative RA test.

Residents in all other areas are free to move around normally.

Once again we thank you for your cooperation and will ensure that we keep you informed along the way.

Kind Regards,

Wendy Chamberlain

Facility Manager